Get ready, Auckland! The future of ABB Drives is coming to your doorstep.

We’re excited to announce a significant step in our commitment to serving our customers better – our expansion to Auckland, along with our mobile ABB showroom.

As a dynamic company that continually seeks innovative ways to connect with our valued clients, this move marks a new chapter in enhancing your experience with ABB Drives.

Our journey began in Wellington, where our mobile ABB showroom, housed within a customised mobile trailer, has been delivering personalised demonstrations of ABB Drives to our clients. The success and positive feedback we’ve received from these demonstrations have encouraged us to take a step further. It’s with great enthusiasm that we’ve decided to bring our office and mobile showroom to your doorstep in Auckland.

ETD ABB Mobile Showroom outside the Auckland office

Why Auckland, you ask?

The answer is simple: we want to be where our customers are. Expanding to Auckland allows us to cater to a broader audience and respond to the growing demand for ABB Drives. With Auckland being a bustling hub of commerce and industry, we are positioning ourselves right at the heart of innovation and progress.

What does this expansion mean for you?

It means our Auckland customers now have the opportunity to experience firsthand the power and capabilities of ABB Drives without leaving their premises. Our mobile showroom will roll up to your location, bringing the latest advancements in drive technology right to your doorstep.

We understand that each customer is unique, and their requirements differ. From intricate technical details to practical applications, our experts will guide you through every aspect of ABB Drives, tailored to your specific needs.

This is more than just a logistical move – it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe that by reaching out to you in your location, we can better understand your challenges and offer solutions that align with your goals.

Stay tuned for more updates on when our mobile showroom will be visiting your area or fill in the form below to express your interest.

We’re excited to embark on this new journey with you.

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